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Spearmint Eucalyptus w/Essential Oils

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About us | Artisan Candle Makers in Tyler, Texas
About us | Artisan Candle Makers in Tyler, Texas

About us: Our company had its beginnings in Austin, TX by making a commitment to improve our environmnet. With determination and hard work the company continued to grow in the Austin, TX area. Then in 2007 the company made a move to its new home base in Tyler, TX. Although our home office is based in Tyler, TX we do have a heart to serve the wonderful businesses in the USA with the best Artisan made candle products we can. We also strive to supply the best Soy Wax Melts that we can. Our company strives to:

Provide a quality product,

All of our EcoLight candles are 100% biodegradable, clean burning (35% to 50% longer than paraffin wax), and non-toxic-no carcinogens. We endeavor to use recyclable glass containers, so when your candle has finished filling your home, or business with wonderful warm, fruity or theraputic fragrances, just clean the container out with soap and water and reuse.

Fill your WORLD with wonderful fragrances,

Whether you like fresh and clean fragrances like our China Rain, Mountain Breeze, or Olive Leaf filling your home. Or maybe you need some calming peace with our Essential Oil Lavender candle or any of our other theraputic essential oils. We are sure that you can find one that suits your needs.

More wonderful facts about our candles:,

  • Made from renewable resources
  •  Much cooler burning than paraffin
  • Supports the American farm economy
  • VEGAN- No animal products used /no animal testing
  • Our wicks are made w/100% cotton with paper testing core.


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About us

Here at EcoLight Candles we strive to provide an exceptional ecological product.

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