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Wednesday, May 31 2017

I know, I's not summer yet but it is just around the corner. Officially, it is not summer until June 21st, but let's hope that the temperatures are not that hot until then. Yeah, right....we live in Texas...

Let's talk about candles and summer time. Most people would say that they don't burn candles in the summer, but we think that candles are an all year around wonderful way to fill your home with fragrances, and set the mood for whatever event that is taking place. Think about all the events that you can use candles at this summer: Weddings, Bridal Showers, Baby Showers, Graduation Parties, Prom, and let's not forget the "Great Outdoors" and all the late evening patio parties or the beach house. Whatever events that you find yourself in this summer there are plenty of ways to incorporate candles and wax melts. We will leave that thought with you.

Now to play a little "Catch Up," and no not the kind you have with fries (Yummy). A little "Catch Up" with the candle biz. We ventured out this Spring (my daughter Alicia, daughter-in-law Hannah and myself) and were vendors at two great events. The first one was in Longview, TX at the "Women's Best Care Day." It was a great event for women and was put together by Ms Sheryll Mitchell. The "Women's Best Care Day," is an annual event and we look forward to being there in 2018. Watch for the flyer on our Instagram and Facebook page. The next event we were vendors at was in the beautiful city of Lindale TX. at the "East Texas Piney Woods Wine Festival." I believe there were some 52 vendors at this event and it was put together very well. We look forward to participating in the Wine Festival in 2018. Look for this event on our Instagram and Facebook page. But as for the summer we will not be doing any vending that we know of unless it is indoors. Soy wax is already so soft that Mr. Sun is not kind to her, but we are looking forward to some events coming in the fall and at the holidays.

There is a wonderful thing that happened at the Wine Festival with a customer that we just have to tell you about. An older woman came up to our booth using a walker with a built in seat on it. She stopped, put her walker brakes on, and sat down. I stood up and said, "Hello," she then proceeded to pick up one of our 8 oz cylinder jar candles in one of our new fragrances, Alaskan Wilderness. Well, I told her, "Take the top off and enjoy the fragrance." She did just that. As she began to smell the fragrance of that candle she had a smile on her face. Well, I could tell that there was something that that smell reminded her of. So I proceeded to ask her if there was a memory attached to that fragrance. She said, "Yes there is." I asked her, "Would you share it with me?" She said, "Yes." She used to live in Colorado and had moved to Texas, to which she doesn't really like because, "it is too hot and the winters are not cold enough." To which I said, "I totally agree with you." Well, she continued her story and told me about the Chinook winds that come down from Alaska into Colorado and how they bring a wonderful smell with them. That smell was "Alaskan Wilderness." I said "Wow that is awesome and I am so glad that it brings you joy." She didn't hesitate and said,"I want to buy this candle." Of course we bagged it up for her and told her that we hope that she enjoys that candle and that every time she burns it that it reminds her of her home in Colorado. That happened several times that day. People opening candles and smelling them and telling us of what it reminded them of and how it took them "Back In Time." It is amazing what a fragrance can do. Take you back to a place in time that reminds you of wonderful memories. 

So we hope that you have a great Summer and that you don't leave candles or wax melts out of your summer events and that you allow them to be a road sign to the wonderful memories that you will be making this summer. 




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