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  • Why Soy?
    Soy wax is a natural and renewable wax as well as being a biodegradable wax. Soy wax is able to hold more fragrance than paraffin wax. For a cleaner burning wax than paraffin, soy wax is the best option. A soy wax candle will have little to no soot when made and burned properly. It is easy to clean up with soap and water. Soy wax burns twice as long as paraffin wax because it has a lower melting point.   back to top

  • What about your fragrance oils?
    All of our fragrance oils that are used in our candles and wax melts are high quality fragrance oils. We always make sure that our fragrance oils are Phthalate Free and have no additives in them. Some of our candles are also made with Essential Oils (see home page about Essential Oils) and we make sure they are a very high grade essential oil.   back to top

  • What type of wick do you use?
    We use all natural wicks that are cotton with paper cores. We do not use any wicks with lead products in them.   back to top

  • Do you sell unscented/no color candles?
    Yes. We can produce any of our candles without fragrance and or without color. For those who want the look of a candle but not the fragrance for various reasons. In fact, some of our candles come without color: Gardenia, White Linen, Vanilla Velvet, and White Christmas.   back to top

  • What is tunneling?
    Tunneling occurs when the candle burns down the middle of the candle leaving wax on the edges of the container. When this happens it means you are losing your fragrance not to mention the money you spent on the candle. Make sure that you burn your candle according to the diameter of the container. If it is 2 inches across make sure that you burn it at least 2 hours before you put the candle out. The candle needs to make a liquid melt pool all the way to the edge of the container before extinguishing it.  back to top

  • How should I "put out" or extinguish my candle?
    The best way to extinguish your candle is to use a "wick dipper" or some other object that you can put down in the container to dip the wick into the liquid wax and immediately pull it back up. By extinguishing it this way it will not produce smoke that will ruin the fragrance that you just put into your home or office. Also, it makes the candle ready for the next time you burn it. Candles have a memory and will start from the point they are extinguished. Also, be sure to clip the wick before you proceed to burn it the next time.  back to top

  • What about shipping charges?
    The shipping charges are based on real-time quotes from UPS or USPS. Their rates are weight based and the product you are purchasing is a container candle and they are heavy. We do not charge additional charges such as handling or packaging fees.  back to top

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