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EcoLight | Soy Wax Candles, Essential Oils, Tyler TX, East Texas

Welcome to EcoLight Candles. At EcoLight we put our heart and soul into the soy candles we make. We are aware of the responsibility to be ecologically minded and are committed to bringing to our customers a product that is both ecological, healthy, and beautiful.

EcoLight Candles is based in the beautiful East Texas area. We are a top supplier of natural soy candles in Tyler, TX. We believe in being as great an artisan as we can be and providing the best hand poured, natural soy products possible.

EcoLight Candles are made from 100% natural soy wax. Using all cotton wicks, which helps to produce a natural and virtually soot free candle product, as well as reusable containers of various sizes and colors to suit your needs. Our candle products come in a great number of fragrances to choose from in various categories; bakery, floral, citrus and essential oils, which are oils that are extracted from a plant, flower or tree. Essential oils are to be therapeutic and could be called "soy wax aromatherapy candles."  As we all know there are many stresses in life so using an all-natural soy wax candle can help bring calm and relaxation to your life. If you prefer not to burn candles, then we also offer soy wax melts for all types of wax melt warmers. You may purchase them in any fragrance we offer.

Check out our "FRAGRANCE" page for descriptions of each Fragrance.

Whatever your fragrance preferences are, we hope that you will give us a try.

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Essential Oils in Tyler Texas
 Essential Oils in Tyler Texas

Let's explore essential oils and why they are so good for your body. Essential Oils release oxygenating molecules into the atmosphere destroying and preventing bacteria, viruses, fungi, and molds by purifying and freshening the air we breathe. Unlike fragrances, essential oils interact with the body's chemistry, which in turn affects certain systems as a whole. It is not simply the aroma that is important, but the interaction between the essential oils and the body, and the physical changes that occur. We would love for our candles to infuse your life with wonderful fragrances. 

                             Let EcoLight Candles be your "Healthy Candle Choice!"

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Here at EcoLight Candles we strive to provide an exceptional ecological product.

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